Spud's First Campaign

A Drunken Brawl and a Mission

NOTE: This post is being written from memory.

The campaign started as many campaigns do, in a tavern. Three weary travelers were gathered separately in Dungport, a small coastal village known for its dairy farms and shipping. While letting the dust from the road settle at a dockside tavern, a scuffle broke out over ######’s hand being in a pocket not belonging to him. A thrown stool that missed its intended target brought several others into the scuffle, and eventually a classic D&D style barroom brawl was taking place.

Complaints reached the town watch and, being the only non-locals, our weary travelers found themselves in lockup for the evening. During the evening, the village pirestess paid a visit to the paladan in order to make a request for his services. She had heard rumors of a death cult operating in the region around Winterhaven and wanted the paladin to head out and investigate it as soon as possible.

Having heard the paladin accept the quest, and realizing that he may need help, the others offered their assistance. And so Incompetence Inc. was founded…

The newly formed group set out first thing in the morning, after being released that is. After traveling for a day and a half, the party was attacked by a group of kobolds. A battle ensued and the kobolds were dispatched. The party then continued on and reached the gates of Winterhaven just after dusk.



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